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Crowdprobe GmbH

Coaching, Marketing, Implementation

Valuable advice on finance and controlling. 

Crowdprobe GmbH was started in April 2016 with the aim to improve the understanding of the quality of Internet services. It enables businesses to measure the speed of websites and mobile applications as well as compare Internet services without detriment to the consumers’ privacy. Starting a business and making it a success requires a wide range of skills and produces plenty of challenges. AKTIVSENIOREN BAYERN e.V. supported the startup from the beginning.

What did the AKTIVSENIOREN contribute?

Initially, they helped to work out the detailed marketing and sales plan. Beyond that they supported the founder in various other areas of the business plan. On top of it they gave many valuable tips and practical pieces of advice on finance, controlling and implementation. Highly appreciated as well was the trust they had in the business idea which gave a welcome boost to the self confidence of the founders.

What we liked about the AKTIVSENIOREN and their advice?

It is a privilege for a startup to get a critical and profound review of its business plan by experienced experts. Aktivsenior Uwe Becker performed this task for us, pointing out strengths and potential weaknesses that needed more consideration, meriting from his own personal experience as entrepreneur. Reading business literature, learning about models and theory is of course useful, but the advice given by the Aktivsenioren, which is 100 percent practical and tried, is indeed priceless and can be highly recommended.

Crowdprobe GmbH

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Tel. +49 8105 2080054

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AktivSenioren Bayern e.V.
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